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Yoga can change and even grow our brains called neuroplasticity. Yoga on your brain is like exercise for your muscles. Brain tissue will grow with the practice of yoga just like muscles grow with physical exercise. The lack of exercise to the brain and the body will cause atrophy. Brain and body connection occurs in many different ways in yoga. The practice of the asanas (poses) send the signal from the body to the brain to decipher where it is spatially. The brain sends a signal to the body to understand where and how to move. The practice of pranayama (breathing) allows the mind to be clear from all distractions thus allowing the body to move in sync with the breath. The practice of meditation creates a calm in body and mind while teaching us how to focus on the present moment and feel connected to ourselves and the world around us.

Habits are neural pathways that are familiar to the brain. We can choose to create new neural pathways or habits and break old ones that no longer serve us through the practice of yoga. A regular practice of yoga helps the brain create more positive behaviors and reduces negative emotions and thoughts, thus strengthening us in our mental health and well-being. Using the tools yoga provides us, we are able to move through life practice with ease and positive emotion even through life’s greatest challenges. Yoga teaches us how to become non-reactive and focused in the present moment thus allowing us to stay clear of negativity.

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