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What Clients Say

Thank you Madhavi! I feel so supported and empowered! - Johnnie Heider Kuhn Madhavi is a skillful and gifted yoga instructor and health coach. I have been taking a combination of her Wednesday Kundalini evening class and private lessons for the past few months. I have noticed a major increase to my flexibility, feel more grounded, am sleeping better, and managing my stress better thanks to the tools she has offered me. Not only is her voice soothing and patient, but she is keen at offering adaptive options so each pose is accessible to all skill levels. Now when I start to feel anxious or lost in my mind, I remember the mantras and breathwork so I can get back to feeling embodied.

Thank you for being such an essential part of my life during a time when I needed you! - Most Sincerely, Katie-Private Yoga Student Thank you so very much for helping me in my time of healing! After surgery, I was nervous about returning to the gym - even yoga practice. A couple of friends recommended I try private yoga sessions to ease back in, so I met both of their teachers - one being you. Because of your kindness, understanding, and background in the medical field, I felt comfortable immediately. Sessions with you while I was healing were exactly what I needed to regain my confidence and get back into exercising again!

I have discovered a new way of living and have a new family of friends. Mary - Vinyasa Flow and Kundalini Yoga Student As a type A person, I have always known that I needed to achieve some balance in my life. A friend suggested that I try some yoga with Madhavi and her Prana Health practice. Madhavi provides small, welcoming classes for all levels of experience. There is no judgement. Just warmth and friendships. I have learned meditation, stretching, core strengthening and balance ... both in body and mind.

I highly recommend it if you're starting out or have experience and want to go a little deeper into the practice.-Raj Sunderesan Private Student Madhavi is great! If you have any hesitancy about starting yoga she’s great to start with in a private session. She walks you through the whole practice and brings peace to the practice. Madhavi has the experience to help with wherever you are in your practice. Perfect for beginners who want to learn about the yoga practice & may be too shy to go to an actual class. I really enjoyed my Yoga session with Madhavi. She communicates so well and makes you feel very comfortable and an active part of it. If you have the opportunity do not hesitate to join a class with her. 100% recommendable teacher!!

Madhavi is an amazing instructor. - Rabia Khan Kundalini Yoga Student She explains yoga positions really well. Her background in sciences is very helpful in teaching yoga techniques and understanding the basics of yoga. I highly recommend taking her classes and experience the true essence of yoga.

Like a miracle I got to know Madhavi and started taking Yoga classes over Zoom.-Seema Pai Yoga Student After struggling for 3 years with numerous doctor visits, MRI’s and Scans and not getting any conclusive answers, I had given up hope on the doctors finding the cause of my balance issues related to foot drop . Things were really bad ... and then people suggested yoga. Like a miracle I got to know Madhavi and started taking Yoga classes over Zoom. Having never attempted Yoga was a bit apprehensive about it. But just after a few months of practice, I sincerely believe it’s helping me - maybe externally not so visible yet but internally it’s given me hope, strength and im definitely more calm and confident. Thank you 🙏

She had helped me and my entire family with our personal goals in wellness.- Rashin Taheri Private Yoga

It is something you should experience.-Sharon Slavin Yoga Student Madhavi’s classes are for all. The teachings are based on your own comfort level; keeping you building on your own strengths while encouraging your mind, body and soul to reach balance and peace.

I have never taken a yoga class before, but Madhavi’s welcoming nature and careful instruction put me at ease in her studio right away. - Joan Spira Vinyasa Yoga Student Madhavi takes the time to ensure that you are holding the poses correctly, explains the benefits and suggests modifications when necessary. Besides the physical benefits I reap from her class, I also enjoy a sense of calm and stress relief. Her studio is a place I look forward to returning to each week.

Her classes leave you feeling reenergized and rejuvenated.- Sucheta Mangoli - Kundalini Yoga Student Madhavi is a great teacher who really makes you feel connected and at peace during her classes.

I recently finished a 3 month program with Madhavi and it was so insightful! - Bonnie Hill Wellness Coaching Client I wanted to work on practicing meditation and more quiet space in my day-to-day very full life. Madhavi had very practical weekly plans to help me learn to quiet my mind, be more grateful, and take a pause from very early morning engagements of my work. I've learned that I don't need to be attached to work emails, chats, requests for 15 hours a day. I have started to shift my work life balance, to ensure I have time to pause during the day. It has made a huge difference in how I start my work days and how I take the time I need to be a more effective and relaxed leader. Thanks Madhavi!

The studio is serene and an inviting place. Overall a great studio with a lovely teacher! Seemin Quatri- Private Student Returning to yoga after years of not practicing, I wanted a teacher you could solidify my fundamentals while taking me further. While my practice with Madhavi is still new, I'm so glad I found her! She's very attentive, detailed, gentle, honest, and super planned.

Madhavi is by far the best yoga teacher I've ever had! My quality of life is greatly increased from better mobility and flexibility.-Josh Kinchen I've had a back injury for 20 years and I've never taken care of it as well as now. Highly recommend!

Madhavi uses ancient and modern science to make sure that not only do you understand how to do the exercises, but how the exercises impact you.-Vishwa Private Student The first thing that you see when you enter Madhavi Rao's yoga class the atmosphere of utter calm. That feeling carries over from when you first walk in all the way through your practice, and, eventually, when you reluctantly leave the patio doors. Nestled in the quiet suburbs, this calm is, yes, cultivated by Madhavi, but ultimately, the serenity is woven in and between the foundations of the studio. But that's not to discredit the teachings of Madhavi in the slightest. As much as the serenity contributes to the experience and environment, Madhavi's mastery of the art (and science) of yoga does as well. Madhavi uses ancient and modern science to make sure that not only do you understand how to do the exercises, but how the exercises impact you. Indeed, both Madhavi and the studio create an experience that captures a certain, almost unattainable bliss.

Madhavi is an effective, knowledgeable, and personable instructor. - Roya Torkamani Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga Student Prana health is a small and welcoming environment. Madhavi is an effective, knowledgeable, and personable instructor. She provides a judgement free setting while also encouraging self awareness and happiness. I have had my best experience of practicing yoga in the past 3 years at Prana health! Going to Prana health classes is like going to a friend's home. I highly recommend Madhavi and her studio to everyone.

I had never had an experience quite like Madhavi's YOGA NIDRA sessions.- Netta C. I have done yoga for years with various techers. I had never had an experience quite like Madhavi's YOGA NIDRA sessions. It was both the most relaxing and REVITALIZING experience I've ever had, while being totally effortless and simple. So worth it - you have to try it!!

Madhavi is an excellent and versatile yoga teacher.-Marlis Mccollum -Kudnalini Yoga Teacher & Reiki Practioner

Thank you for doing what you do!-Uzma Kundalini Yoga Student Great yoga space and very relaxing. Love doing yoga with you. Your yoga style is so soothing and gentle.

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