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Who is Wellness Coaching for? 


Are you beginning a new stage in your life? When you are going through life transitions, health coaching can help you navigate life's complexities and prioritize goals to sustain, modify or adopt healthy behaviors. As our lives transition, so do our roles and identity, our health and so do our meaning and purpose. Each decade of our life is like changing seasons.  We may be a few pounds heavier, or our health numbers have elevated, moving out of your parents' house, starting a new job or changing jobs, maybe your kids leaving home and you are becoming an empty nester, or you are retiring soon and not sure how to navigate moving forward. Maybe you trying to rediscover your Life Purpose now that you have maybe a bit more time on your hands with no kids at home or no job to report to.  Maybe you are just wondering how to find meaning and identity in your new season.  Let health & wellness coaching help you explore your Purpose Well-being!

Coaching is for those who want to rediscover themselves and find ways to:

  • ​Explore their role in the new season of life transformation

  • Reduce overall stress

  • ​Improve interpersonal relationships

  • ​​Find better work-life balance

  • Increase life satisfaction

  • Prioritize self-care

  • Discover daily wellness practices align with your values moving closer to your goals.

  • Live a long, healthy life in a body that moves well and feels good to you.

  • Create relationships that energize you.

  • Be a healthy role model for you family and your community.

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