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Health and Wellness Coaching Packages

(Virtual or In- Person 45-minute sessions-**Initial Session 60 minutes**)

12 Month Transformational Program 24 bi-weekly coaching sessions

Take a deep dive and commit to a full year of coaching to make a full lifestyle transformation.

Learn to take small steps to create big and life changing habits to create a longevity and vitality in your life.

90 Day Reset Program 12-weekly coaching sessions

Learn to make lifestyle changes to manage chronic health conditions

Discover aa sustainable ways to incorporate healthy practices into your lifestyle.

6-weekly coaching sessions
Learn to refocus on your health each week by making a small change that add up to long-lasting shifts and sustainable habits.

Monthly Check-in Coaching Session (not available for new clients)
Follow-up support for clients who want to continue coaching after initial program is completed.

Group Coaching

A group coaching program specific for those who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or at the risk of becoming pre-diabetic and want to connect with others and support one another in a group coaching setting.

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