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What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

Being Well for Busy Lifestyles

Coaches have been trained to the highest standards in the profession and follow the  National Medical Examiner and National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches Guidelines. They have the skills and  knowledge to be your guide on your side for your path to your best and healthiest self. They serve as an extension to your doctor's practice. Working with a qualified Health and Wellness Coach, gives clients an opportunity to examine their current lifestyle and discover what they want to change to improve their overall    sense of wellbeing.  As a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I am excited to bring my expertise to support you in your journey of change and transformation.

Wellness Coaching

With more than 20 years in the Medical Field as a Board Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist  I have learned to understand how our lifestyle choices can bring us into the clinic with disease. I use a holistic approach focused on talk based coaching, mind-body connection, self-compassion, and principles of behavior change.   I am here to support you create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle to alleviate you chronic pain, mental stressors, lower your health numbers and more.

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