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Dec. 2021- Dec. 2022 Transformation!

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

The picture on the left of me in blue is in Dec 2021 when I was in Cancun with my Hubby for our 29th Anniversary. The Pics in the Middle and the Right are towards the end of 2022.

What’s the change? CONSISTENCY!

. I created new habits that I stuck to. .

The Results? . Clearer healthier skin . Down 12 + pounds! . Increased lean muscle mass . Stronger . More flexibility

. Most importantly incredible self confidence!

Not only did I let go of the old habits and created new ones - I also stayed consistent with the actions I needed to take in order to stick to those new habits. . You see each action we take is us taking a vote on ourselves to become our future selves. . What did I do? . I set a few Intentions in January of 2022. . 1) Be courageous . 2) Be accountable . 3) Be consistent

Finding Courage was the hardest thing for me to do. . I needed to find the courage and be able to commit my most valuable asset-TIME . If I was going to do something to see and be a change I needed time. . Second was finding someone to be accountable to

I chose to join a one year program in adapting 10 new habits with JKS Yoga Coaching program called AWAKEN.

When I signed up for this I was terrified of how I was going to stick to this plan and show up to the calls each week and do the actions in between?! . Why was I scared?

Was JKS Yoga gonna slap me on my hand if I didn’t show up or do the work? No! . I mean I have stuck to plans before and succeeded in the end results. . But I was scared that I did not have the courage or strength to show up for myself. . After all, we need to first show up for ourselves before we can care and show up for others. . In the past each year from October -December I found myself moving back into the same spot from where I was before reaching my final goal of health and wellness. . Why did this always happen? . Because once I reached my goals I stopped those good habits and rolled back to the old. . Thinking to myself that since I am where I want to be I can go back to my old habits and sustain these good results.

. My word for 2022 was “Consistency.” And is going to be my word for 2023 as well! . Sometimes we do not realize that change takes time and can even take an entire year or more! . I want to thank all of those who have been part of my journey from 2021 Dec to 2022 Dec. . My yoga teacher and coach - @JKS Yoga Jennifer Kinney Smith . My yoga teacher and friend- @Peace in the Pause with Gretchen Schutte . My amazing hubby Manju Rao. . All of my Health and Wellness Clients and Yoga Students (who depended on me to be their role model) @Prana Health Yoga & Wellness . If any of you would like to learn more about how these small changes can lead to big and lasting changes connect with me to learn more. . I have created my own Health and Wellness program that has worked successfully for all of my current clients. Check it out here. .

Each of them have made great strides in their health and wellness goals and I am honored to be part of their journey! . Remember the actions you take should be a vote towards your values and your goals. . What you do today will create the You Tomorrow! . I know it because I did it and am still doing it! . We are always improving ourselves day by day!

Hi! I am Madhavi and I am the Chief Motivating Officer at Prana Health Yoga & Wellness.

I am here to support you create a healthier and sustainable lifestyle to alleviate you chronic pain, mental stressors, lower your health numbers and more.

I help people lead a more joyful and stress-free life by creating sustainable lifestyle changes to transform lives.

If you would like more tools to help you find ways to create new and better habits that stick, then Connect with Me. I will help you find the right plan that works best for you and your lifestyle.

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