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Interesting Facts About Walking

A few interesting facts about getting your steps in to lead a healthier lifestyle and to lose weight.

Walking is the BEST exercise. It is a weight bearing and cardiovascular exercise.

It reduces chances of getting and helps control Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis and even can prevent many forms of Cancer. A side note – “Cancer Hates Exercise.”

The average person takes 2K steps a day.

5K steps a day helps one lead a healthy lifestyle.

10K steps helps one with weightloss and maintenance.

These facts will help all of those who have been trying to increase their steps and have been feeling a bit frustrated on not getting as high as they would like to. My motto has always been “Something is Better than Nothing.” So keep moving and give yourself credit for even trying. After all awareness is the KEY to being healthy physically and mentally.

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