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You are the CEO of Your Life

You are who you are from the choices that you make. So many of us blame others or current situations in the world the reason where we are in life now. We blame our suffering and unhappiness on outside sources because how else would we be in the current situation right? I mean it would be absurd that we got ourselves into the place we are today on our own right? Sadly, the blame is in the wrong and we are not right. We are in the place we are in today because of the everyday choices we make. For example, do you remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? If not, it was a story that had choices at the end of each chapter for the reader to make to take them to the next part of the story. Each choice would lead the reader to a different ending, whether it ended in demise or happily ever after. There were so many outcomes with these books.

You have control of the outcome of your life. You are where you are today because of the choices you have made since you have been a young adult. For example, did you choose to go to college or get a job right out of high school, did you choose to get married and have children at an early age or decide to wait till you were older or not get married at all? Whatever choices you made got you to where you are currently.

What if I told you that YOU DO have control of your life and that you are in fact NOT a victim of circumstances from external sources? Yes, YOU ARE in Control of your life because you make choices every day. For example, if you choose to lose weight what choices do you need to make daily to shed those extra unwanted pounds? Exercise, healthy diet, and quality sleep are three of the important things you would need to incorporate into your lifestyle to create this change you want to see in your body. So, would you choose to slump on the couch after work and binge on Netflix or go out for a walk or bike ride to get closer to your goal? Well, clearly it is obvious that the movement rather than the slouching will be the correct choice. But again, the choice is YOURS and YOU are in control not a victim of your outcome. Making choices that align with who you want to be and how you want to feel in the future is the magic pill.

Another example is if you want to save $10,000 in your savings account. To do this, you must deposit money into your account regularly. Even making a small deposit each week or month will only get you closer to your goal of saving the $10,000. Just like that if you create one slight change by making the better choice each day you will get closer to the better future you.

So, I invite you to own up to your power of choice. No one else has the power to change who you are and who you want to become unless you choose to let someone else have the power. So next time you are about to make a choice, stop and think to yourself “will this bring closer me to my future self?” “Does this align with the kind of life I am trying to create?” Remember you will feel stuck if you let yourself continue to make choices that keep you where you are today. You just need to move a bit past your edge each day and make choices that move you closer to the New You.

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