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Did you ever think about just doing nothing a few minutes a day everyday?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I never did but my friend Debbie Fried Katz owner of Way to Go Healthy asked me to try doing it for 5 minutes a day and then slowly increase the time every few days. I thought this would be the hardest thing for me to ever do since I am a movin’ and groovin’ type of person most of the time except when I am asleep. I tried this for 5 minutes the first day. I actually turned my phone, TV and any other distraction OFF! I set the timer on the oven for 5 WHOLE minutes. I sat in the family room and thought to myself that I would never make it even 1 minute before I found myself involved in some busy work again. Believe it or not I actually made it 5 minutes actually doing NOTHING! I just sat and listened to myself breathe and took in all the noises around me. I even felt the vibrations of my dog walking past me. How is that for relaxation? I thought WOW I did it! So if 5 minutes wasn’t so hard why could I not do more? A few days later I increased it to 15 minutes and then again 30 minutes! Friends what I ended up accomplishing is a bit of “meditation”. I also listened to my body after this exercise of “Doing Nothing” and found how much more relaxed I was for the rest of the day mentally and physically. I realized that we all need to take time off just a few minutes a day to let our body and mind REALLY REST. Try doing this yourselves and comment on this post to let me know if you were able to do it and if so how did you feel before, during and after. I am curious to know!

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