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I love to start my day with a meditation practice because it makes me feel uplifted and clear to conquer the rest of the day. Sometimes my thought process is so jumbled I feel like my head is going to explode. Meditation to me is like a garbage disposal of the subconscious mind. It allows me to let go of thoughts that I am holding onto that no longer serve me but rather drag me down.

This morning I woke up with an unresolved struggle in my mind. I had reached out to someone multiple times yesterday and left messages and never got any response back. I felt disrespected and betrayed by this person. That evening when I went to bed I decided to let it go and to move on. This morning when I woke up that same thought process began again. I began to tell a story to myself that this person has zero respect for me and I began to spiral into a belief that I probably do not deserve any respect. After all who am I and why would I deserve it? I continued to allow my mind to create this story and take me to a place to believe that this person thinks that they are above me and they don’t feel the need in returning my messages.

As I meditated this morning this thought process kept coming up and I noticed it again and again. Through my practice I just allowed myself to let it go without judging or holding on. By the end of my meditation I had surprisingly found myself forgiving this person. The practice helped me to better understand that this person may have actually been busy and probably forgot; perhaps just a simple mistake on their part. A few minutes later I decided to reach out to via text to check in to make sure that we are both OK. The final result; this person never got the messages that I gave to others to deliver. This made me realize that I should not allow my mind to create a story that perhaps is not even true. This was such a good lesson for me to learn and to realize that allowing my mind to wander and create stories will only lead me to false judgments and misinterpretations on myself and those around me. The practice of meditation is very powerful and uplifting. My daily practice allows me to shift my mindset to the here and now and move away from these stories that I can get myself caught up in.

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