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Making Goals and Challenges for Yourself

In order to sustain or achieve your health and wellness goals it is important to challenge yourself one day at a time. Make your goals within reason and attainable thus making mini goals that lead to the ultimate goal.

One way you can help make your goals attainable is to publicize what you are trying to accomplish. When I say publicize I don’t mean for you to get an Ad out on a highway bulletin board. However, I do mean for you to talk about these goals to friends and family. By outwardly expressing what you would like to do helps motivate you and others in supporting you in getting where you want to be.

Talking to others face to face about your goals is not the only way you may reach out to people and let them be aware of what you are trying to accomplish. Today with social media being the mainstream way to communicate, posting your ideas on facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. is a great way to keep you motivated. Many people have started their own blogs just talking about their goals and by sharing them, with perfect strangers even, they have been able to accomplish and sustain their goals. Some even have become professional bloggers without even having that in the plan!

Another way to reach your goals is to visualize what you are trying to accomplish. Think that you have already reached them and think how things would be for you and your family when you are in that position. Of course these thoughts you make must be realistic, thus that is what helps you attain your final goals.

Thinking your way is not the only way to visualize your goals. Yet, another way to visualize your goals is to create a Vision Board. A Vision Board is essentially a collage of some sort. You may create it as big or small you feel fit to do. Get a piece of paper or a poster board and cut out pictures from a magazine, newspaper or print some out from your computer and paste them on your board. Choose pictures related to things you would like to see yourself doing in the near future or things that you would like to obtain. Post this board up somewhere in your home where you may continue adding to it and look at it daily. By looking at this board and thinking you are already living that goal daily will help bring you closer and closer and ultimately it becomes reality.

Lastly, achieving your goals or challenges should not be a negative experience ever. Look at your overall goal of what you are trying to accomplish. For example, if it is weight loss, just think about how healthy you will become and how much better you will feel. Listen to your body day by day and realize how much better you feel, sleep and how much more energy you have each day. Notice how much more energy you will have when you eat healthier and challenge yourself to do just a little more when you are exercising each day. You will find that you will be able to go a little longer in exercising day to day because your body is getting healthier and stronger. Think about how much better your mood is and how much more energy you have to spend time with your family.

Remember, the overall goal for weight loss may be big, but if you take tiny steps and notice the small changes day to day you will see results! The same principle goes for any goal you wish to accomplish. Tiny goals and steps to the big picture and goal.

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