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Helpful Hints on Starting a Regular Exercise Program

Choose an activity that you enjoy doing. By doing something you enjoy you are more likely to stick to it regularly. If it motivates you to have others around you doing the same thing then join a gym or if you prefer having a partner then choose someone who is at the same level as you and has similar goals. This way both of you may have one another to be accountable for showing up and encouraging one another to stick with your exercise plans. If you have small children or even older ones incorporate family fun activities involving them while all of you get exercise-such as walk to the pool or park, get involved and play outdoor games with them, go for a bike ride or hiking. Show them that mom or dad can be fun too! Involving your family is also a way of helping your children and spouse learn to incorporate activity into their life styles. It will send a lifelong message to the children that exercise does not have to be boring or monotonous. When you begin your program do not over do it. Try not to think you have to make up for all the years you haven’t exercised all in one day or week. This type of action may lead to sore muscles, injuries and/or even burn out from wanting to even continuing your exercise program. Give your body a chance to adjust to the change you have introduced to it and gradually increase the intensity or time you put into the exercise over a few weeks at a time. Try incorporating more activities into your everyday life style. Park your car a little further away from your workplace building or shopping complex to get in a few more walking steps. Take the stairs rather than using the elevator, take up gardening as a new hobby, take 10 minutes of your lunch break to walk outside or in the building if weather does not permit. Just find new ways to be active in your current life style. Motion is the key! As always check with your healthcare provider before you decide to engage in any strenuous activities. Good Luck to you all and please post a comment on my page periodically to let me know of your progress! Remember my motto is “Something (some motion) is better than nothing (no motion)!!” #Yoga #Ocean #weightlossjourney #fitness #slimming #foodporn #dietchange #eatclean #healthyeating #Healthy #fooddiary #inspiration #relax #fitfam #whatieat #healthyfoodporn #balanceddiet #goals #instafood #challenge #body #lifestyle

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