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10 Ideas on how to plan around your Healthy Diet for the Holidays

What are your Thanksgiving Holiday Plans? Thanksgiving Holiday is just around the corner. Do you have a plan on how you will continue to practice your healthy goals? Just because “Mr. Turkey” and friends are coming for the “BIG” dinner doesn’t mean you should give yourself the chance to derail your hard work towards your ultimate goal of being and staying healthy. There are many ways you can stick your health plan and still enjoy the upcoming festivities. Things you may do to help stick to your healthy plan:

  • If there is a buffet, don’t grab a plate and start filling it with the first item on the table. You should first scan the entire food selection and choose 3-4 items of which you would REALLY like to have. Go back and get a salad plate (rather than the regular dinner plate) and serve yourself only those chosen items.

  • Choosing the salad plate will help you keep your portions under control, yet you will still get to enjoy your favorite holiday foods. The actual illusion of the food on a smaller plate tricks your brain into thinking that there is “more” food on your plate.

  • If you are invited to another’s home for dinner then ask the host if it would be okay if you may bring something you make at home.In case the foods offered are not on your diet plan you will have the dish you brought as back up.

  • If you go to a cocktail party and you are female, then carry a clutch purse in one hand and the other hand will be available for a drink. This way you won’t find yourself filling up a plate of food. You may just graze on a few things at the table at a time. Also, just having a drink in one hand makes it difficult to hold a plate in the other hand and eat.

  • Pace yourself with the alcoholic beverages. Try to have a glass of water or sparkling water in between drinks. Remember, that alcoholic beverages are essentially “empty calories”-no nutritional value really. Keep in mind alcohol triggers the “munchies” thus unnecessary eating or overindulging in food.

  • If you choose not to drink alcohol or don’t drink it then have a glass of seltzer or sparkling water with a lime in it. It looks like you are enjoying a little bubbly with everyone else and prevents the “why are you not drinking and alcoholic beverage?” conversation. It also will keep you hydrated and full so you may not overindulge in the spread of food offered.

  • Try concentrating on conversing more with others and catching up with them rather than eating and drinking. After all a social gathering should really revolve around the social not the food and drink.

  • Don’t pass up on all your meals all day knowing you are going to attend a party in the evening. You may think you are “saving up” on all your calories for the evening festivities but you will end up overindulging because of fasting all day, thus taking in way more calories than if you ate your regular square meals throughout the day.

  • Don’t go to the party hungry. Eat a small snack or even a small meal before the event so that you may not overindulge on all the fatty and sugary foods that may be offered. Going to the event with a full tummy helps you stay away from bad food choices.

  • Lastly, try to be mindful when you are eating. Listen to your body and stop eating once you feel the “full” feeling. Don’t overstuff yourself thus getting indigestion.

Having goals and making it a priority to reach them does not mean that the deadline means to stop working towards them just because the holiday parties and cheer begin. Whether you reached your final goal or not make sure that you continue to incorporate those new and healthier habits in the continuing months. The changes that you make should be something that works for you forever in everyday life. If these changes are things that do not make you happy and you find stressful, they may not be the right changes for you. Working toward healthier habits can be a struggle for some and motivating for others. Try starting with small changes and add a new change every week or two weeks or even every month. The time frame is what is most comfortable for you. Most importantly, make sure you never compare yourself to others. What may work for someone else may not work for you. We were NOT all made equal. Each individual’s needs and habit formation are quite different. Respect that and you will find yourself more successful at what you want to accomplish. What are your plans in maintaining and/or continuing to work on reaching your goals? Comment below and let me know! #Yoga #Healthy #balanceddiet #cleaneatingdietdietchangeeatcleanfitf #healthyselvesinspirationinstafood #inspiration #instafood #healthyfoodporn #healthyeating #eatclean #dietchange #foodporn #fooddiary #slimming #lifestyle #weightlossjourney #whatieat #fitfam #fitness

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