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The Meaning of "Mantra" and Why Chant it

What does Mantra mean? The word mantra is derived from 2 Sanskrit words: "Man" means mind and "Tra" means vehicle or instrument. So a mantra is a word or phrase that helps the mind travel to a place of peace and stillness. It is usually chanted out loud or mentally vibrated and is repeated over a period of time during a meditation practice. Chanting a mantra helps one concentrate more on being still in mind and body and allows thoughts to pass through without letting the mind engage in them and losing focus. Chanting a mantra in yoga class is not a religious practice but a way to bring focus and mental clarity to the mind. Mantras do not necessarily have to be in Sankskrit. Any positive affirmation can be a mantra. So next time you go to a yoga class and are asked to chant a mantra out load or mentally go for it! If you feel you cannot pronounce it or feel uncomfortable with it create your own! Prana Health PC Yoga & Fitness

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