Private Yoga Skype Classes

You don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to participate in yoga classes with the new addition to Prana Health PC: Yoga via Skype!


How does it work?

First, download and create a login (or login if you already have an account) for free on the Skype app. You will then be able to contact me on your computer or cellular device from anywhere in the world! Then we will have a live lesson over a video call. 


All fitness levels welcome!


 Contact Me  Today if you want to schedule your introductory skype class!


Things to know prior to scheduling a Skype yoga class:

  • If you have any injuries, disabilities, or special requirements please contact me this way I can create a class specifically tailored to you and your needs!

    • Skype Yoga Classes are NOT a substitute for medical treatment.

  • Let me know if you are pregnant

    • The decision to practice yoga during the first trimester is a personal choice!

  • Let me know if you are postpartum and how many months.

    • For health and safety reasons, certain Kundalini exercises are not recommended until after 3 months postpartum.

  • Find a quiet space for your class. 

  • Make sure your webcam is fixed in a position that frames the entire space you are practicing in.

    • I should be able to see you both standing up and sitting down on your yoga mat

  • Adjust the sound on your speakers.

  • Wear light and comfortable clothes that are easy to move in.

  • Gather your yoga equipment (e.g. bolsters or pillows, belts, blocks & bricks).

  • Have a warm blanket nearby (for final relaxation).

  • Avoid heavy meals prior to class.

    • Exercising on a full stomach can create nausea and discomfort

  • Use the bathroom before class.

  • Stay hydrated. Make sure you have a full water bottle nearby.

  • If you are using a laptop, make sure it is charged.

  • Leave your mobile device off during class.