This is performed through a variety of yogic methods: Pranayam (the practice of breath), asanas (yoga poses), and meditation. Together, these methods come together to hone in on your inner wisdom and provide you with an increased sense of awareness, decreased stress levels, and an overall sense of control and balance in your life.

It is a safe, gentle, and complete practice that has been recognized by the health and fitness community as an effective way to achieve personal growth. It also encourages communication and has been known to help manage interpersonal relationships whether they are with significant others, children or coworkers. 

This practice integrates all that yoga has to offer by allowing students the opportunity to challenge themselves physically as they move in and out of poses that are held for extended periods of time. Chairs are offered as a prop for those who need it and modifications will be made, tailored to suit any individual’s needs if necessary.

All fitness levels welcome!