After Dinner and Night Time Cravings?

📷Do you get night time after dinner cravings? Do you find yourself having to have dessert or something fatty after dinner or late at night? Do you end up caving into your cravings and binging thus derailing your healthy and clean diet you followed all day? If you answered yes to one or more of all these questions then don't feel bad because you are definitely not alone. These feelings are caused by having low endorphin levels which make our body crave these type of "mood foods". The release of these hormones helps us feel satisfied, suppress pain, both emotionally and physically.

I am one of those people who have been in this situation almost every night. I am so good all day about choosing healthy foods and snacks and even make sure I eat proper portion sizes. However, when night time rolls around and I find myself unwinding from a busy and hectic work and family life day I find myself looking for fatty and sugary foods to comfort and relax me. This in turn derails my healthy and active lifestyle that I try very hard to maintain. I also find myself having a difficult time having restful sleep those nights as well. The lack of sleep then disrupts the following day thus causing a chain reaction of continuing this bad habit.

I have found a few techniques to help me stay on track and feel better mentally and physically that I thought I would share. I actually tried most of these myself every night after dinner for almost a week now and I have found that it actually works! I hope that some of you will try these suggested techniques to get back on track of being healthy with food and exercise.

When you have the craving and your tummy is full from dinner then try one of these ideas: All of these suggestions raise endorphins and causes the same feel good mood changes!


Go for a 10 minute walk. If the weather is not suitable then walk on your treadmill for 10 minutes.

No treadmill? Pace the room for 10 min. (Movement overall helps the digestion process thus promotes relaxation.)

Meditate for 5-10 minutes

Take a nice hot bath. How is that for relaxation? My favorites are Eucalyptus and Lavender bath salts!

Go for a short drive. (Can't drive? Ask someone to take you around the neighborhood.)

Brush your teeth, floss then swish with mouthwash.

Engage in one of your hobbies for a half hour. This is a good way to catch up on things you find pleasure in and have not had time to do. (Some of my favorites is to grab a good book and read, play with my dog Rex, or even catch up on Netflix or recorded DVR shows with my husband J.

The main rule to all this is to engage in some type of activity which helps relax your mental state.

I hope that you all try this and let me know if you found it helpful by commenting on this post.

Also, comment to let me know if you have other ideas that you found work for you!