Kundalini Yoga

For thousands of years, this yogic remained a secret in from the West because of how powerful the effects were believed to be.  The science and technology behind Kundalini was considered sacred and thus, kept secret. Because of this, Kundalini practices and traditions were only passed down orally from master to chosen disciple. It wasn’t until thirty years ago that Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga, relocated from India to the United States and trained thousands of teachers to share this practice and its traditions with all who wished to participate. He believed that the people of the United States would benefit from the science and technology behind this practice, just like it had done for the people of the East.


Known as the “yoga for awareness,” everyone can practice Kundalini yoga. Also known as the “yoga for householders,” it is the ideal practice for anyone with a hectic or busy lifestyle. It is a safe, gentle, and complete practice that has been recognized by the health and fitness community as an effective way to achieve personal growth. It also encourages communication and has been known to help manage interpersonal relationships whether they are with significant others, children or coworkers.  

All fitness levels welcome!